Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weyer - houres wherin principall divels bound

Observa horas in quibus quatuor reges, scilicet Amoymon rex Orientalis, Gorson rex Meridionalis, Zymymar rex Septentrionalis, Goap rex & princeps Occidentalis possunt constringi, à tertia hora usque ad meridiem, à nona hora usque ad vesperas.

The houres wherin principall divels may be bound, to wit, raised and restrained from dooing of hurt.

AMAYMON king of the east, Gorson king of the south, Zimimar king of the north, Goap king and prince of the west, may be bound from the third houre, till noone, and from the ninth houre till evening.

Item Marchiones à nona usque ad completorium, vel à completorio usque ad finem diei.

Marquesses may be bound from the ninth houre till compline, and from compline till the end of the daie.

Item Duces à prima usque ad meridiem: & observatur cœlum clarum.

Dukes may be hound from the first houre till noone; and cleare wether is to be observed.

Item Prælati in aliqua hora diei.

Prelates may be bound in anie houre of the daie.

Item Milites ab aurora usque ad ortum solis, vel à vesperis usque ad finem solis.

Knights from daie dawning, till sunne rising; or from evensong, till the sunne set.

Item Præses in aliqua hora diei non potest constringi, nisi rex cui paret, invocaretur, & nec in crepusculo noctis.

A President may not be bound in anie houre of the daie, except the king, whome he obeieth, be invocated; nor in the shutting of the evening.

Item Comites omni hora diei, dum sunt in locis campestribus vel sylvestribus, quo homines non solent accedere, &c.

Counties or erles [Counts or Earls] may be bound at anie houre of the daie, so it be in the woods or feelds, where men resort not.

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