Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weyer - Adjuring the Spirit

Citatio Prædictorum spirituum.

The forme of adjuring or citing of the spirits aforesaid to arise and appeare.
Ubi quem volueris spiritum, hujus nomen & officium supra cognosces: inprimis autem ab omni pollutione, minimum tres vel quatuor dies mundus esto in prima citatione, sic & spiritus postea obsequentiores erunt: fac & circulum, & voca spiritum cum multa intentione: primum vero annulum in manu contineto: inde hanc recitato benedictionem tuo nomine & socii, si præsto fuerit, & effectum tui instituti sortieris, nec detrimentum à spiritibus senties: imo tuæ animæ perditionem.

WHEN you will have anie spirit,you must know his name and office; you must also fast, and be cleane from all pollusion, three or foure daies before; so will the spirit be the more obedient unto you. Then make a circle, and call up the spirit with great intention,and holding a ring in your hand, rehearse in your owne name, and your companions (for one must alwaies be with you) this praier following, and so no spirit shall annoie you, and your purpose shall take effect.

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