Wednesday, March 30, 2011

notes from Reuchlin "De Arte Kabbalistica"

reuchlin de arte kabbalistica notes
43 Pythagorean defined ... KBL as something to be sought after and cultivated
51 diaphane and phantasia ... mercava cabalistae ... ten not eleven sefiroth
63 KBL-receiving divine revelation
65 KBL cannot be discovered by the senses... nor logical arguments (whole paragraph)
65bot Adam spoke to his wife as a seer inspired
89 KBL first intro’d by Pico 91 there are countless cabalists 93 KBL list
95 apple of gold and silver, Gikatilla 95bot work of bereshit/merkaba
98 form and matter stuck into Gen:1
99 given limits they ascend while still in mortal form
Kabbalists and Lat –lift (key definition also short)
105 all true, non-sophistic cabalists put trust in self
110 bot long hebrew quote 115 seed of Abraham 120 aleph designat principiis
121 rabbi quotes... unknowable
122bot Samael thru medium of incantations 125 further saturn sabbath secret
127 pythagoras as kabbalist – one who received 132 KBL means receiving
133 incorp. subst. –real forms kabbalists meditate on
148 Ideas / Mind of God 152 infinity 157 nine salvation / redemption
163 Hercules set pattern, taught liberal arts to whole world
167 Pythagorean freedom Pythagoras got it from KBL ... salvation not from Apollo or other gods except in their intermediary role 169 post-death salvation
197 God is quaternity, pyramid...golden verses—free aether
199 Orpheus, invoking mercury...
“full initiatie” Plot on love we attribute passions to spirits (not gods)
201top on reading plotinus 249 solve Pico’s puzzle
263 Talmud: elohim – judge/ruler, angel/smoke conclusion... angel of the governers
264 x moves x mind model (phantasia)
267 conjectural inference (practical angel magic exhortation)
275 the angel is the otherness 277 prayers that involve both Tetragrammaton and angels
345 God was clothed with ten garments when he created the world
346 Gates of Light: “all is full of forms”
356 noone could say enough about kabbalah in a short time
347 an angel has free will 351 Jam sp. sacred words “not magic”

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