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Angels and Spirits in Agrippa, DOP Book 3

Yea it compels even good Angels and all the powers of the world unto our service viz. the virtue of our works being drawn from the Archetype himself, To whom when we ascend all creatures necessarily obey us,

ch. iii "...made as it were a companion of the Angels beareth the ingrafted power of God; & this rite is referred to the Ecclesiastical mysteries:"
ch. vii "Euripides commanded the highest God to be cal'd Jupiter, through whose head Orpheus sang all things came into this light, but the other powers he supposeth to be subservient, viz. which are without God, and separated from him, and are by the Philosophers called the Ministers or Angels of God, and separated intelligences; therefore they say Religious worship to be due to this most high Jupiter and to him only, but to the other Divine powers not to be due unless for his sake. "
ch. x "the Mecubales of the Hebrews, the most learned in Divine things, have received the ten principal names of God, as certain Divine powers, or as it were members of God, which by ten numerations which they call Sephiroth as it were vestiments, Instruments or examplars of the Archetype, have an influence on all things created, through the high things, even to the lowest, yet by a certain order; for first and immediately they have influence on the nine orders of Angels, and quire of blessed souls, and by them into the Celestiall Spheres, Planets and men, by the which Sephiroth every thing then receiveth power and vertue; [goes into names, presences of angels on tree of Sephiroth]
ch. xi "many names of God and the Angels are extracted out of the holy Scriptures by the Cabalisticall calculation, Notarian and Gimetrian [Gematria] arts, where many words retracted by certain of their letters make up one name, or one name dispersed by each of its letters signifieth or rendreth more. Somtimes they are gathered from the heads of words, as the name Agla1 from this verse of the Holy Scripture..."
ch.xii "he most high Creator and first cause, although he ruleth and disposeth all things, yet distributeth the care of execution to diverse Ministers, both good and bad, which John in the Revelations cals assisting, and destroying Angels: of which the prophet sings elsewhere; The Angel of the Lord remains in the presence of them that fear him, that he may preserve them: and elsewhere he describes immissions by evill Angels. Now whatsoever God doth by Angels, as by ministers, the same doth he by heavens, Stars, but as it were by instruments, that after this manner all things might work together to serve him, that as every part of Heaven, and every Star doth discern every corner or place of the earth, and time, species and Individuall: so it is fit that the Angelical vertue of that part and Star should be applyed to them, viz. place, time, and species. Whence Austin [Augustine] in his book of questions, saith, Every visible thing in this world, hath an Angelicall power appointed for it: Hence Origen on the book of Numbers saith, the world hath need of Angels, that may rule the Armies of the earth, Kingdoms, provinces, men, beasts, the nativity, and progress of living creatures, shrubs, plants, and other things, giving them that vertue which is said to be in them, from an occult propriety; much more need is there of Angels that may rule holy works, vertues and men, as they who alwaies see the face of the most high father, and can guide men in the right path, and also even the least thing to this place, as fit members of this world in which God as the chief president, dwelleth, most sweetly disposing all things, not being contained, or circumscribed, but containing all things, as John in the Revelations describeth the heavenly City, whose twelve gates are guarded with twelve Angels, infusing on them what they receive from the Divine name, twelve times revolved; and in the foundations of that City the names of the twelve Apostles, and the Lamb; for as in the Law, in the stones of the Ephod and foundations of the Holy City described by Ezekiel, were written the names of the tribes of Israel, and the name of four letters did predominate over them; so in the Gospel, the names of the Apostles are written in the stones of the foundation of the heavenly City, which stones stand for the tribes of Israel in the Church, over which the name of the Lamb hath influence, that is, the name of Jesus, in which is all the vertue of the four lettered name; seeing that Jehovah the Father hath given him all things: Therefore the Heavens receive from the Angels, that which they dart down; but the Angels from the great name of God and Jesu, the vertue whereof is first in God, afterward diffused into these twelve and seven Angels, by whom it is extended into the twelve signs, and into the seven planets, and consequently into all the other Ministers and instruments of God, pourtraiting even infinitely. "
Chapter xxiii: Of the tongue of Angels, and of their speaking amongst themselves, and with us.
Chapter xxiv: Of the names of Spirits, and their various imposition; and of the Spirits that are set over the Stars, Signs, Corners of the Heaven, and the Elements.
Chapter xxv: How the Hebrew Mecubals draw forth the sacred names of Angels out of the sacred writ, and of the seventie two Angels, which bear the name of God, with the Tables of Ziruph, and the Commutations of letters, and numbers.
Chapter xxvi: Of finding out of the names of spirits, and Genius's from the disposition of Celestiall bodies. Chapter xxvii: Of the calculating Art of such names by the tradition of Cabalists.
Chapter xxxviii: What Divine gifts man receiveth from above, from the severall Orders of the Intelligences and the heavens.
Chapter xxxix: How the superior Influences, seing they are good by nature, are depraved in these inferior thing, and are made causes of evil. ,

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