Friday, January 20, 2012

Campanella Cutup

On the World and Its Parts
The world is a great and perfect animal,
statue of God, which praises and resembles God:

Immortal Soul
Within a fist of the brain I dwell and I devour
so much that all the books that the world contains
could not satiate my profound appetite.
and the more I understand, the more I do not know.
So I am the image of the immense Father
only he who becomes Him and is born in Him is certain and blessed.

The Way to Philosophize
The world is the book in which the eternal Intellect
wrote His concepts, and a living temple
where, painting the exploits and His own example,
He adorned with living statues the depths and the heights;
so every spirit here should read and contemplate
art and government, so as not to become impious
and be able to say: “I fulfill the universe,
and by contemplating God internalize all things.”

City of the Sun

excerpts from
Selected Philosophical Poems of Tommaso Campanella: A Bilingual Edition
Tommaso Campanella; Edited, Translated, and Annotated by Sherry Roush

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  1. in our days could be possible for my opinion because we don't live any more in conflicts of middle age although it was a gold period for artists ! money jump in our days over the idealistic people so could be possible this kind of city !

  2. don't waste time if you have the money and don't let people die in vain of our city ! "use the man" like in Megadeath song or if it's not me could be somebody else !green space and oxygen ?!

  3. let right or wrong alone decide !