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another Google Translate of Giordano Bruno's De Magia Mathematica

I. God is in the flows in the angels, the angels in the heavenly bodies, and heavenly into the elements, elements in a mixed, mingled with the senses, the sense in mind, the soul in an animal. Went up by an animal to the senses, the mind, mixed in through the senses, by mixed into the elements, by elements into the heavens, or by these angels into demons, or to God in the divine, we take these operations.

2. Thus the descent is from God through the world of God or to an animal, animal, however, is the raising up through the world to God, God is in the top of a ladder, Jacob cabalisticus in the root and foundation of it: The middle steps of creatures according to their numbers constitute the height of the ladder, through whom the higher virtues operatrices go down to the infernal mount the lower and at the lofty, because by the departure of ascent and descent of the gates of Cancer and Capricorn and the entry of two (one of which is said to the gods, the other men) are designated by the ancients authors profound philosophy.

3. Three-headed wisdom, from which the three barking will send the head of Cerberus, the three-fold, to the custody of the designated tricipitis Hecate, it repels blindness and ignorance of obscure affection, and admits only in the plains of Elysium, who through their steps towards the metaphysical from the top of a ladder descending on mathematical foundation of physical * * *.

4. There are two active elements of the foundation of physical, earth and fire, which steps of a ladder placed on either side of nature to form the foundation of the natural complexion, and his firmly established; of which the virtues, the powers of, explained to us in its operations, and acts by elements of the physical place.

V. In the present, therefore, are proposed in this discipline for the first part of completeness, which is based on a supernatural power, contemplation, faith, worship, rites and to the purity of pure; time, and times for the second part of completeness, order, concord assequutio to peace and harmony, for the litigation of the suit, the escape of baggage , exequutio timely for a third part of the application of active complement passive, artistically artistically prepared in the machine: the nature of all these treatises and fro in the following three elucidabimus. The first is to the worship of their care or, the second is the observance and the dispensation of the times, as well as shapes, numbers, seals, and rings by reason of characters, the third quality of things, for the reason, the application; property and order.

6. Therefore, in this capacity in three existing stocks, which since it is complete and perfect, is the most powerful solution to all and to all the ligaments efficacissimus confirm, for which is understood to have said the wisest of the Hebrews among the Cabalista 'a threefold cord is not easily broken. " First, then, for the supernatural virtues of the mind and the direction of the line of the invocation of call from the us it was impotent, as artists, it was only lent the matter from natural things, and obtained from things supernatural influence and power, be able to make anything at any time. First, then, the foundation of the whole union, which joined either by the superior powers, or united to us, is faith and belief, not only in us than the workers must come into force, but also in those who receive, and so such a condition is necessary, as without it there was nothing ever meant to be any from the effectuari power, except it be impeded by, or is made capable by the violence of nature.

7. His sign is what is said, that the soul lord it over their bodies, and those windows are thrust themselves into the greatest number of accidents mentioned in animals. For it is clear altered changed their minds and bodies in the effect of anger, indignation, envy, melancholy and the like; Cabalista whence the same spirit he said, "dried up sad bones', etc.. The same is the judgment of other bodies in the passions from the heart, which, if ....... comes into existence, and the door, closes up, he gives up an obstacle, not profits or noxious or creep, as well as to himself, then in his body, impressions. The sign of the Son of God is also in the radical, of whom it is said that 'because of unbelief "of them in the country could make no miracles, not very often we see some working in the health according to their faith restored. For neither credible nor is proposed to be believed, in addition to believing that all restored to health also.

8. Faith, therefore, must flourish and belief in the operator with the hope of obtaining negotiique the perpetration of a thing, must ensure that the same is to encourage in him, in whom they confer the goods determined to fear or v. ... procures or art or terror in him, into which decrees that intorquere evils and disasters. For such affection of the soul, as it were disposed afficiendo matter ......... percupit the form which to introduce, explain.
The three faith.

9. Now it is three-fold, at the lofty wit, which is to be hoped from the influx and favor, the authority may be made and in whose name and all, to the middle class, since it penetrates to the ministerial powers which in all things, be inspected and, if properly dealt with, obey the heavenly virtues, to hell, since it penetrates to practical matters, of which ought not to despair.

X. The manner of dealing with all the powers and beauty is not steep, but though many of this art with indagatores to look at, so that, with Albert, who instituted the general canons in this matter, and short. Difficult, however, that we say is truth, is to have notice of the names of advocate for the various effects of different matters and different, which art in this most happy man and, indeed, the names of many industry, Trithemio the abbot, were revealed, and we reduced it to this summary of those things which in its scattered Steganographia he set forth.

11. According to the four poles of the world he knew, then four, then the princes, whose Armadiel dominates the North, etc.. (Steganograph., p. 46). It follows the great prince of the dwelling to the south, etc. Caspiel. (P. 55). Carnaziel etc. He goes on to the Orient. (P. 52). - Anchiadiel is to the west, who, etc.. (P. 58). The other princes of the country. There is also a great prince of the north to the Demoriel etc.. (P. 60 ff.) That have no determinate place of the lords. In addition to these princes and generals, who visibly fixed places of the world they share, there are some unstable, who are more flies in the air to fly as they say, without order, and the dwelling restriction, and therefore called upon wherever they can, first of which is Garadiel etc.. The second after Garadielem is Buriel etc.. (P. 63-68) - The third is called the prince of Hydriel etc.. The fourth is the prince who is called Syrrhichiel etc.. The fifth is a primary or Evomiel Evoviel etc.. Sixth Icosiel prince etc.. (P. 69-77) - concerning the word of nature, or of the ceremonies at the time of the agent, and the notes upon the divine characters. This man, determined the thirty-spirit, each of which are in the office of presiding over (p. 89; list does following mean la coi rispettivi spirits of God named degli forces, different Nell complained Stamp), etc..

12. On the Soul, according to the ancient magic of the world and worldly things. Heaven and the world to be animate, and even over the heavenly bodies which are seen, the highest rank, it is allowed to poets and philosophers from the wisest, and that the only universal spirit of the whole machine is implanted in one mind by the infused limbs shakes the whole mass, as he says Pythagoras. If for these lower partial and mixed with the soul and the life they have, why does not the universe itself, from which this ... as f. produced a kind of, the body more noble and more principal than the sole of the foot, the tree? For why should we deny the land and water to live, which of itself innumerable plants and animals in generating, vivify, nourish and increase? How the non-living a life? How not to bring forth the living creature living? And he says, is not to be regarded to be a philosopher Theophrastus, who doubt that the heavenly bodies to live and to be animated, animate, I say, the rational soul, to the eternal order among themselves to bring forth the purpose is clear and the reasons for his works. Let, therefore, in the land of the reason for earthly things, in the moon, lunar, sun-dial in the sun, like the soul of the body, and this soul is not abject, but understands his body and when to make one of the gods, which has of his acts in much better reasons than we do of our bodies, and informed by a more perfect the soul belongs to the body that by more perfect. Hence it produced the most perfect, regulatissimus, ordinatissimus, not a wanderer pervagans and vice versa, holding electissimam the way to the best end, when the mind does not change the perfect plan, and to others, or with the bodies and the universal harmony When one monochordum appointed by the lyre of Apollo cave.

The names, however, which they imagine that the heavenly souls, of which they are different from knowing, others giver of life, are of this kind according to Orphicam and theology of the ancients, so that in the sphere of cognitive power is the ninth Cribronius Bacchus, vivificationis Muse Calliope, and in the starry sphere Picionius are Uranus, Saturn Amphietes in heaven, etc. . (P. 297).

13. The names of the souls of the signs. The signs of these souls have the names of the twelve in order, as in Manilius is evident, for it is in the heart of Aries, etc. Pallas particular. (P. 297 ff.) Accordingly, the seven of the world are the names of the pilots, a common enough, even to the Saturn moon. There are consequently more from the other of these names and assigned Cabalistis that the first planets is said to be presidens Zapkiel etc.. According to preside over the others Oriphiel Saturn, Zachariel to Jupiter, Mars Zamael, Michiel to the Sun, Venus, Angel, etc.., Of which the events of the Abbot Trithemius noted in his treatise, and considering the time of ownership and the planets and their spirits. In other times the conditions of the times which had rule over a man as it were, of things to come will be able to have certain (p. 377). The names of the 12 signs of their governors. Presidents of the 12 signs in order are: Malchidael etc.. (In the border and skirt. FLOW gods of happy memory. Cornel had been brought forward from. Agr., L. 3, c. xxiv, p. 378 f., cioè.). The names of the 28 Mansions of the moon in order of their governors. Geniel, etc. Enediel. The names of four of their governors the four winds and the four parts of the world. Michael, etc. There are upon the east wind. The names of the four elements of good government there. Cherub, etc. are assigned to the air. The names of their supporting evils of princes. And the princes of evil spirits in the four most powerful parts of the world are: the king of the East etc. Uricus.

14. The names of the princes of the six maleficarum. Acte gives the name of an old Greek theologians, etc.. (P. 379) - The names of the angels on the first day of days, and the Sun. The first day of the Sun there are three angels, Michael, Dardiel, Huratapel (Peter of Abano, magical elements, p. 569). The names of the angels of the day of the moon. The three angels of the first Gabriel, Michael, Samael, etc.. (P. 571). The names of the angels on the Tuesday. Samael, etc. There are three of the first. (P. 573). The names of the angels to the on Wednesday. Raphael, etc. are the first three. (P. 575) - The names of the angels of the day of Jupiter. The first three are Sachiel etc.. (P. 578). The names of the angels of the day Friday. The first three are Angel, etc.. (Ib. 579). The names of the angels of the day of Saturn. Etc. The first three are Cassiel. (P. 581). The names of the princes of the evil angels of days. Machen is the prince of an evil angel of the day of the Sun (p. 569), the day of the moon, etc. Shamain. (P. 571). The names of the angels truths. There are Caracassa, Core etc.. The names of the angels of summer. There are Gargatel etc.. The names of the angels of autumn. There are Tarquam, etc. Gualbarel. The names of the angels of winter. There are Amabael etc.. (P. 588 ff.). The names of the angels of the hours of the day. Michael is the angel of the first hour from the beginning on a Sunday (p. 583 ff.). - The names of the elements, which also are called gods or angels. Elements of the names of the different seasons of the year find various lots. Hence Amadai is called the land in spring, in summer, etc. Festatui. (P. 558 ff.). The names of the angels who are said to be an hour answering their hours of the days of the angels. Yayn at the first hour it is said (p. 557 ff.). The names of some of the positive. In addition to the names given are certain things which are determined by of all things, which we call the governor of the very own angel, so that souls do not rashly call Sabatiel of the stars, etc. Veneriel. (Agrippa, p. 386).

14. The other names of demons, which seem to belong to the evil men. Thus Aremnia is demon worship Damascene (Remnia statue of the idol of Damascene said Agrippa, p. 387; Alla page rimanda the quality of those marginal note in one book stesso altra FLOW gods), etc.. We know also Membroth, Chodorlaomor, Balah, to have been the kings of the Amalekites, who are called in its own cacodaemones.

15. On the Divine Names. The most distinguished are the names of the divine virtue, which in the present case it must not be ignorant of these some belong to three hierarchies, of which the orders are distributed each tribe, who called Curetes etc.. (P. 330-31). Eheie etc. The first of these terms. Etc. The second is the name of Iod. First name corresponds to the numbering of the other, and secondly, that is, the numbering of the Hochma wisdom. - The first flows into whom the Hebrews call Seraphim Haiod Hecatosch etc..

16. The characters and seals. Characters are wont to add the names of the angels and the seals, which are certain the letter of the unknown and writings, sacred to the gods, etc. which call hieroglyphics. (P. 388). This kind of characters that hung from the discretion and authority in instituting, who had received the consecration of such power (p. 389).

17. On the manner of allurements so good and the evil angels. Good demons are enticed in different ways, however, no chains, but the sacred entreaties, as in Apuleius, etc. through these to the stars. (P. 396) -

18. Into prison. Bonds which are bound spirits and appealed or three, etc. They are cut off. (P. 399) --.

19. Oracles of the disposition of those who are willing to receive. They went to the oracles, etc. must be sought. (P. 463).

20. To this are added the virtues of abstinence, chastity, etc.. (P. 467).

21. The differences of worship and prayers. Who wanted to expiate in the sacrifices themselves, as stated above, so that for a requirement of the offer etc. themselves pure. (P. 482) -

22. The consecration of. Consecrations approach certain things which take their efficacy from the two principles, namely the power of consecrating, etc. person. (P. 484).

23. Some of the season. For some it is not the actions of ordinary times they do not is omitted for the reason, for it is religion, etc.. (P. 491).

24. Respecting the other religious observances. Requiem .... in all .... etc. to God. (P. 492) - aptatio contribute to these places, time, etc.. (P. 494).

25. In addition to what has been said, all we must notice a certain number and standard of time, place, and examination of things to be matters to be discussed. For the time of temporal things and contains presides over them, as contained lower from the higher bodies; on any subject in the first heaven to be thought that the time of the ancients. Therefore it must be noted in general, under the ioviales that the effect of Jupiter, under the Saturnalia to Saturn, Mars under the Mars, and those well-disposed and are situated in heaven faeliciter intentandi, without whose observance of the machine to no other, no words, to no avail any thing of worship can be just as it shall be done as if for who in the time not in the right scatter the crop, not due to different times with different seeds We observe that just as in two, so it is in all things. For what? We see the worship of certain religions, and different ..... you are not certain, and also at different times for their? For the Chronicle is manifold diversity. For every one of the planets has their ages, their years, their ages, and for days and hours lunations, so that duraturis much for the things of the Lord, great and perpetual revolutions, not so much for the lengthy ownership of the younger, for less than illustrious ladies of revolutions of days, for common also to the particular persons regarding ownership of the hours are noted, which can happen in the natural three times a day. Of these, however, is to be held to us in the present system, because the effects which changes to the laws, Principalities and their causes which are from the general fall out, at random, and threaten in vain by us.
The dominion of hours.

Every day is, therefore, be noted, however long or short, as short and brief and every night, however, divided in 12 equal parts, which are called 12 hours, which is called unequal hours, days and nights since, according to decrement and augumentum ancestors are rendered and small, and are not equal, as it were an hour clocks, which were once 12 once a year with difficulty. But setting aside the equal hours, we have attended unequal, of which each contain 15 degrees of the signs, so that the six signs, which happen to traverse the horizon in any day, 12 hours planetales contain, in the first of which is taken from the east the sun until the completion of the twelfth of that part of one day, which planet belongs to him, who gives a name to such a day, to whom succeeds the other planet orbits according to the order; for it is succeeded to Venus, Mercury, Mercury, Moon, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Mars, Sun, Sun, Venus, etc..
The observance of the heavenly.

Even if the proportion of the natural power of physical composed sometimes he does, and appropriate observation of the heavenly, however, much more and greater things is better, etc., as it were. (Agrippa, p. 250) --. In these 28 stations are hidden many secrets of wisdom of the ancient world in order to do wonderful things under the moon, each of whom attributed their own photos and images, and the seals and presiding over the * * *; one of whom is with the mode of Babylonian Trojans, and we have brought them out of the book faithfully applying to the practice of memory from the shadow of the ideas.
The virtues and practical matters
Mansions in the said 28.

The first elected to the mansion of the roads and discord, etc.. (V. le page 256-260 Agrippa, the gods, of the Capitol Che ha il Bruno Dalle sdoppiato staccando descrizioni astronomiche Sulla umane della residence gli thong vicende WORN-OUT) -


26. Must be considered in the application of the first elements of active and passive properties and nature, as I say, considering that pure and composed, as more and less corruptible, each of which is all things to all they do, that things which are reduced to the simplicity of their purification, and by art, each of which is for preparing the different species of composed, each of which is the best pure impure can however composed by innumerable degrees, innumerable perform certain orders for certain species are produced, all by itself binding, solutions, changes, predictions, conciliation of goods and destruction of the wicked. Their knowledge and sagacity about the same [is] the foundation of the whole magic.
The power of the fire,
he would not be earth, water and air.

Fire activissimus etc. penetrates all things of all. (Agrippa, p. 7). How they are distributed in the four kinds of composite hypothesis of 2, etc. are to be considered. (P. 16) - 3 elements in a certain order must be observed, this referred to the heavens, as, etc.. (P. 18). 4 must be considered virtues, which depend on their neighbors, etc. from the elements. (P. 19). 5 these virtues are to be considered according to their ability, which they may be referred to some elements scarce, as the poison to drive, to attract iron, cholera, etc. to empty. And the powers of those with the least can be a great deal of the matter, which protested that he etc.. (P. 21). Nor is it our purpose to consider and so hidden and how they infused virtues, for which we prove that many of the fable of the rays of the stars, the soul of the world of ideas and reasoning about obloquuntur; is sufficient to know how different species of the same species and different individuals of different preparations and dispositions receive different influx. 6 should be noted, as are wont to, and to try things and virtues can be searched out, etc.. 7 things etc. should be noted, of a suit and friendship. (P. 33) - are in the whole Likewise, one of substance, etc. and members of the particles under a certain. (P. 39) should be noted, 8 in lower things, which are subject to higher and to explain; different for different are subject, that members of different exercises of different bodies, different stars and signs that refer to different manners. And astronomers is receiving induction by the experts, who use, which arts, which the particle, and that spirit, who tastes, stones, which plants, which belong to animals which planets and signs. Generations, and like is said of provinces, kingdoms, and nations. 9 We must consider the characters and seals of natural things; etc. is reported. (P. 59). 10 a study of the natural things, and altogether the higher of all the virtues and the heavenly bodies which attract a stronger influx, and etc. to attract. (P. 62) - For it is not sufficient for the power of things in the faculty, and to have some virtues, but it is required in order that these concealed by a body and an accident, contusion as one that is concealed in a grain of mustard seed, etc. acuitas excited. 11 We must consider the utility and an opportunity, which is in the mixtures of natural things, etc.. (P. 63). 12 should be noted, in a manner all things celestial sublunaria etc., be above the moon. (P. 66-69) - 13 is considered and attention to the things to do are said to bind into the love, hatred, etc.. (P. 70) - The poisoning come forth, and we see many marvelous, so the same applies to suffumigationibus etc. or of incense. (P. 76). Notice is also 14 for the general consideration that some of the incense, etc. are referred to the sun and the terraces. (P. 79) -

27. The other kind of incense. Moreover, all the roots of Saturn are referred to the fragrant, frankincense, etc. to the ribs and herbs. Fumigiis of 12 signs. 12 Truly the signs have their own incense, myrrh, etc. The ram that. The seven chosen for the seven planets of incense, and powerful. Hermes receives powerful incense, etc.. (P. 80) and 15 eye-salve, and the anointing of LOVE POTION (f., p. 80.) - The binding and wearing. More neck suspensions, etc. 16 is not binding and are despised. (P. 83). To 17 colors, and in which virtue is its own observance, and etc.. (P. 85). 18 is universally considered and attention to the light and the darkness, etc.. (P. 87) -

18. The rings. 19 magic ring he does not despise the superstition of certain laws etc.. (P. 84).

29. 20 observed bewitchment etc. device. (P. 90).
Albert general doctrine.

, Neglecting all the things that make them to the practice of riddles, which are chiefly the collection are from Prince Albert and more are being tried in this science, such as the many other things; that this science of which the first is good, all knowledge of him that willeth the Philosopher's authority to be of the kind of goods, but if for the sake of it which are just complaints, do not themselves proceed from knowledge etc.. (Cf. Albert. F., p. 127.) 2 In regard to the mode of action, as he himself says, a good effect may look down upon the good and that bad but evil planet, that is their day, and hours (p. 136). The influence of those who have chosen the seven planets of the seven herbs, etc. 3. The first is that of Saturn, who is said to ASPHODEL (p. 136). The virtues of stones 4. The first of these is the magnet, etc.. (P. 141) - 5 of the virtues of animals, some of which, as it were by an increase of leads etc.. (P. 164) 6 of the times of the stars and planets and ownership, as mentioned above. 7 Concerning the effects of the planets belonging to the men. For he says life to be under Saturn, etc.. (P. 167). That those things which are seen in 8 characters, enchantments, sorceries and discourse, and many very cheap, which seem utterly impossible to have a cause nor a sufficient, not for that reason despised (p. 170). 9 That is the power of change one thing in the minds of men, etc.. (P. 171) - From which it is manifest, and the reason that not all who have acquainted theory of this art, they can use to have conveniently, such as unlearned and be present with a practice of fools, who have the character of either that no less of its power and efficacy. That 10 hours, etc. are to be observed. (F., p. 13.) That the skill of 11 characters from the mind of the efficacy of which is having a great desire strives etc.. (P. 174). 12 That it should be noted about things, that by their appearance and readily disposed to all the forms themselves, etc.. (P. 176). That was said of the 13 and influenced the inclination of all like to its like, etc.. (P. 178). 14 mirabilitate etc. That all is full of things. (P. 180). 15 That we must not believe a pure astrologer to heaven when he told the whole mirabilitatem etc.. (P. 181). That wonderfully according to the various kinds of things from the 16 to go out, etc. and by the heavenly virtues. (P. 183). 17 That it should be noted cuiusnam are of quality and arrangement of things, etc. and the proprietary. (P. 184).

This is what the whole contain more rationally, which man alone is wise and prudent enough, nor brought it pleased the particular examples and the rest, in which the others to be engaged, since none of these things that serve no reason can be tempted and to no purpose. Moreover, these very intelligent and in their consideration of profundanti, not only such things and the same, but the greatest and the like and are accessible to and greater. Therefore, if anyone should think of us brought a complete art does not, and for the completion of all things from other studies of knowledge, the only superfluous things, that does not aggregasse, let him know that it is a lack of self-judgment and the weakness of the mind, because these and other things, is a suitable receive less from heaven was made. But if for these books seem to inscripsisse ancestors, and to the thing itself is, because less foreign to execute mingled in the most part, perhaps less than ACCESSIBLY art to do, and we have been able to have done.


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