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Google Translation of Magia Mathematica by Giordano Bruno

(DE more mathematical)
Jordan Bruno of Nola

I, God is in the flows into the angels, the angels in the heavenly bodies, the heavenly in the elements, the elements in their mixed, mingled with the sense, the meaning of place in the soul, the soul is in an animal. Went up a lamb by the mind to the senses, through the senses in a mixture, by the mingled with the elements, through the elements into the heavens, by the demons or to these in the angels, by reason of these in God, or in the divine workings.

2. Thus, of God or of the descent is from God throughout the world, to an animal, and animals throughout the world, is the raising up to God; "God is in the tops of the ladder, cabalisticus to Jacob for a root, and the foundation of that; middle steps of creatures, according to his numbers the height of the ladder, so for a worker by whom the virtues of the superior go down to the lower parts and the infernal, climb to the heights, because of the ascent and descent by the departure of two of the gates and the entry of Cancer and Capricorn (one of which is of the Gods it is said, and the other of men) are designated by the ancient authors, of deep philosophy.

3. The wisdom of three-headed, from which the head of a triple Cerberus Sending out a bark and a threefold, to the elect, the custody of Hecate 'of triceps, it repels, obscure and affected by blindness of ignorance, and it had only admits in the Elysian fields, who by the metaphysics is at the top of the mathematicians descending on the ladder steps to the foundation of a physical object * * *.

4. The foundation of the physical elements are the two active, the earth and of fire, that placed one on either side of nature to the degrees of the ladder of natural form the foundation of his own and establish their complexion; whom we have any virtues, the powers of, operation, and the act of his physical through the elements are explained to us the place.

V. On this, therefore, are set forth in this discipline for the complement of the first part, which is based on the powers of greater than natural, the contemplation of, faith, worship, rites and to the purity of the pure for the second part of the complement of the time, and times, the order of, assequutio of concord to agree, the suit to the suit by bribery, evasion of baggage and timely gifts exequutio; for the third part of the application of the complement of the active to passive ones, artistically artistically the preparations for the preparations: the nature of and of all these in the following by the treaty was running about three elucidabimus. The first of these is on the worship of either for the Honour; the second is the observance and the dispensation of the season, and also of the figures, the number, the seals, by reason of the characters and his ring, the third of these affairs, the quality of, in logic, the application of; the property of and order.

6. A threefold "Therefore the existence of this faculty that the nerves which since it is in complete and perfect, is the most powerful to all and to all the joint, ligaments and confirm the most effective in the solution, in place of which is understood to have said the wisest of the Hebrews among the Cabalista 'a threefold cord is not easily broken'. First, then, the lot of the invocation of an appeal, and of the mind towards the direction of the heavenly virtues; of us incapable of For, just as the artificers, the matter is not without the borrowed from natural things, and their influence and power obtained from things magical or, shall we be able to effect any thing at any time. The first place, therefore, the foundations of all the union, by which superior powers, or that we are subject are joined to, or united with one another is good faith and the belief, the way in which I have not come into force it is necessary to them that work for us, but also in those receiving the A. Therefore the condition of this kind is necessary, as without it nothing could ever be able to effectuari on by some the power of the matter except that by the violence of, or is made capable by nature makes difficult become.

7. Mark of the of what we predicate it is, that lord it over the bodies of the mind, and those are mentioned in the windows They loaded them with the living creatures themselves a very great accidents. For it is clear changed their minds and the bodies of an alteration in the effect of anger, indignation, jealousy and melancholy, and the like; Cabalista for which the same, 'a spirit' he says, "sad drieth up the bones', etc. The same is the judgment of the emotions in different bodies, from the heart, and if he ....... comes into existence, he sets down and the door, obstacle closes up, lest they should creep in. Let guilty or profits, both in itself, then in his own body, the impressions of. Mark of the most efficient, too, is in the Son of God, of whom it is said that 'because of unbelief' of them in his own country was able to make no miracles, and also very often according to the faith we see some of them for a working and restored to health. For neither is, there is credible is proposed to be believed, with the exception of those who believe that the also restore the health.

8. Faith, therefore, and belief in the operator must be in full force, with the hope of obtaining of the thing negotiique of committing, and the same must take care that may excite in him, the good things to confer on him whom they determined to the fear of, and / or v. ... or take charge of the art of terror or in him, in the which the ill and the reverse intorquere shall determine. For such affections of the mind by affecting as it were arranged in order and the matter ......... the form which bring in the percupit their case.
On the threefold faith.

9. Now there are three, to wit, to things above, by whom he is to be hoped the influx and favor, the, and to whose authority the name and be done in the mass; to the middle, since it penetrates to ministerial powers, which in all things, if they be rightly and handle the context is looked at, obey the supreme and the virtues, to the nether world, since it penetrates to practical matters, which he had no reason to despair.

X. Degree, and by form of the treatment, with all the power it is not arduous task, but though before the investigators of the very many of this art to look upon, so that, with Albert, the general, who on this matter short, and the canons of the innovations. But, however, that we say is difficult, it is the calling of the names have for the knowledge of the various occupations and diverse effects of different which, indeed, the names of many of hard work by her husband and of the most fortunate in this art, the abbot Trithemio, have been revealed, and we reduced it to this compendium of things that are in his own scattered Steganographia he proposed to he may be.

11. Therefore alongside four of the world, therefore, he finding the poles of the princes of the four, of which the north of the dominion over a Armadiel etc.. (Steganograph., p. 46). It follows, dwelling to the south, a great prince, etc. Caspiel. (P. 55). It follows to the east Carnaziel etc.. (P. 52). - To the West, is Anchiadiel, who etc. (P. 58). Concerning the other rulers of the places. There is also the north of the great ruler had Demoriel etc.. (P. 60 sq.) Determinate place of the lords not possess it. In addition to these princes, and captains, who in certain spots of the world are deputed to visibly, there are some unstable people, who are more just as they say the swarms of flies in the air to fly, without order, and the dwelling place I have a restriction, and for that reason, wherever they can be called, first of which is Garadiel etc.. The second is after the Garadielem Buriel etc.. (P. 63-68) - The third is called the prince of Hydriel etc.. The fourth is to the prince, who is called Syrrhichiel etc.. The fifth is the high or Evomiel Evoviel etc.. The prince of the Sixth Icosiel etc.. (P. 69-77) - Concerning the words of nature, the ceremonies of the agent or at the time, characters and acquaintances among the divine. Praetor gave a decision the spirit of this man and thirty, each of which are in the office of presiding over the (p. 89; segue la degli list the names of the spirits of God Coan rispettivi he lacked energy, Nell complained of different stamp) etc.

12. Of On the Soul of the world and worldly things of old time, according to more and more. Heaven and that the world is a living, and even the bodies of the heavenly things which are seen, the most noble and poets it is the wisest of the philosophers but is granted to, and the only one in the spirit of the universal implanted in to keep the whole of the machine, one mind infused by means of the mass of the whole limbs being criticized by Pythagoras, as he says. If for these lower things are mixed and partial it and are the life of the soul, why should not the universe itself, from which these things are as f. ... produced a kind of, the body of more noble and more, even more primary, than it is the sole of, a tree? For why do we deny the earth and the water to live, which is of the him innumerable plants and animals in generating, animate, nourish and they heap? Out how a non-living life? How the soul of living, can not advance living? And he says Theophrastus must be deemed not to be a philosopher, one who doubts that the heavenly bodies to live and to be living beings, living beings, I say, a rational soul, as to a perpetual order among themselves conspire his own is clear and bring forth the reason of the work. Should, therefore, in the land of the reason for earthly goods, the moon in the Lunar, the roof in the sun, and that this soul is not cast out, of the soul of the body similar to it, but understanding and to be with his body, one of the gods, to effect, which is much better than he has of his acts in the reasons, which we, of our of the bodies; fitting that it should more perfectly the more perfect the body of the soul is informed. unum monochordum constituit et universalem harmoniam per Apollinis lyram decantatam.">Were the emotions he the most perfect, regulatissimus, in order most, not a wanderer pervagans and in turn, the choices to what is best the way of the tenant the end, where the mind is perfect does not vary with the bodies counsel, and the others even by one monochordum, established and the harmony of the universal have been sung by the music of the lyre of Apollo.

The names of, however, which they imagine the souls of the heavenly, of which the knowledge of substances, some are, others are giver of life, are of this kind of old time, and according to the Orphicam theology: hence, in the ninth sphere, the power of Bacchus, it is a cognitive Cribronius, revival to the Muse Calliope, the stars are in heaven Picionius and they may burn, Amphietes of Saturn in the sky etc. . (P. 297).

13. Of the names of souls of signs. The signs have relation of order twelve times a the mind in names, such as it is established with Manilius, for it is in the heart of a particular of Aries Pallas, etc.. (P. 297 sq.) Accordingly, the seven of the world are the names of the pilots, enough for as far as the Vulgate from Saturn to the Moon. There are thus, some of these the names of the Cabal of the Magi, and assigned to her, that at the first president of the planet it be said Zapkiel etc.. In accord with others cling to my inmost Oriphiel Saturn, Zachariel to Jupiter, Mars Zamael, Michiel to the Sun, Venus, etc Sachiel., Of which the vicissitudes of the abbot Trithemius has noted in his own time, with the discussion and by considering the lordship of the planets and of them, and of spirits. The head of times others to whom he had dominion over condition of the times someone as a kind of things to come be able to be quite certain that (p. 377). The names of those presiding over the 12 signs. Of signs by the Presidents of the order of 12 are: Malchidael etc.. (In the margin. The gods frame Rec. Out of the cited Cornel. Agr., L. 3, c. XXIV, cioè, p. 378 sq.). The names of those presiding over the 28 mansions of the moon in order. Geniel, etc. Enediel. The names of those presiding over the four the four winds and the four parts of the world. There are Michael, upon the wind, the east, etc. The names of those presiding over the four elements of the good. Cherub, etc. are assigned to the air. The names of President of the princes of evil. The leaders of the most powerful of the spirits of the wicked in the four parts of the world are: the king of the East Uricus etc..

14. Names of the six of the princes of a wrongdoing. They name the ancient Acte theologians of the Greeks, etc. (P. 379) - names of the angels of days, and on the first day of the sun. The angels of the day of the Sun, there are three of the first, were Michael, Dardiel, Huratapel (of Peter of Abano, Elements of magic, p. 569). Names of the angels of the day of the Moon. The three angels of the first, Gabriel, Michael, Samael etc. (P. 571). Names of the angels, fear nothing. There are three of the first Samael etc. (P. 573). Names of the angels on the day of Mercury. The three are the first Raphael, etc. (P. 575) - names of the angels of the day of Jupiter. Samael the First, there are three, etc. (P. 578). Names of the angels of the day of Venus. The First, there are three Sachiel etc.. (Ib. 579). Names of the angels of the day of Saturn. The First, etc., there are three Peniel. (P. 581). Names of the angels of the princes of the evils of days. An evil angel of the day of the Sun is the prince of Machen (p. 569), to the day of the Moon Shamain etc.. (P. 571). Names of the angels of spring. There are Caracassa, Core, etc. Names of the angels of the summer. There are Gargatel etc.. Names of the angels of autumn. There are Tarquam, etc. Gualbarel. Names of the angels of the winter. There are Amabael etc.. (P. 588 sq.). Names of the angels of the hours of the day. By beginning from the angels of the first on a Sunday of an hour, Michael (p. 583 sq.). - The names of the elements, which is also called an angel or a gods. Elements of different times of the year the names of the various lots according to. This side by land in the spring is called the Amadai, but in summer Festatui etc.. (P. 558 sq.). Names of the angels who are said to of an hour of the hours of the days of answering his angels. It is said the first hour of Yayn (p. 557 sq.). The names of some of the positives. In addition to the names given are certain ones, which all are determined out of the things, to whom the prefect of the very proper to angels, we call the from which the souls of the stars, not a rash call the Sabatiel, etc. Veneriel. (Agrippa, p. 386).

14. Of the other the names of demons, that link to evil men seem to belong. Thus, the worship of a demon is Aremnia of Damascus (the idol of Damascene Remnia say the statue of Agrippa, p. 387; for agitation may see what rimanda link to book the IL stesso in the may the gods have only one mark on the marginal frame altra) etc. We know too that Membroth, Chodorlaomor, Baalhanan, to have been the kings of the Amalekites, who are called in its own way an evil demon.

15. The Names of God. There are the names of the most eminent divine of virtue, which in the present case it is necessary not to be ignorant; certain of these can belong to the hierarchies of the three, of which the distribution of them, that individual tribes order, who are called Curetes etc.. (P. 330-31). The first of these names is Eheie etc.. The second is the name of Iod, etc. First, pay down the sum corresponds to the name of the rest; the second Hochma pay down the sum that is, wisdom, etc. - The first flows in the Seraphim, whom the Hebrews call Haiod Hecatosch etc..

16. Of the characters and the seals. Of the Angels and the seal of the names of the characters are wont to add, which are of the letter a kind of "unknown" and written documents, sacred to the gods, which he had won by fighting, etc call. (P. 388). That, indeed, was hanging up of the characters from the kind of discretion and of that in instituting the authority, to be consecrated, who had received the power of such (p. 389).

17. On the manner of so enticing of the good than the evil angels. Are enticed in different ways, good demons, still by no chains, but to the sacred the protestations, "as in Apuleius, etc. by the stars of heaven. (P. 396) -

18. Into prison. Ties with which he appealed to a spirit, and bound up with or they were destroyed in threefold, etc. (P. 399) --.

19. And the arrangement of the oracles of those who seek to receive. Those who go to an oracle set out for, etc. (P. 463).

20. To this are added the virtues of abstinence, chastity, etc.. (P. 467).

21. Concerning the differences of manner of worship and prayer. In the sacrifices of the man who is trying to purge the of their own selves, as has been said, so that for the demand of pure they should offer of their own selves, etc. (P. 482) -

22. Of the consecration. There will be added consecrations of certain ones, which of the two casting lots for the efficacy of the principles of, by virtue of the person consecrating to wit, etc.. (P. 484).

23. Some of the season. Not common for certain actions of the season of the reason must not be overlooked, for it is the religion of, etc. (P. 491).

24. Concerning the rest of religious observances. Presence is required .... in all things .... To God. (P. 492) - To these things contribute aptatio places, time etc. (P. 494).
The second TRACTATVS

25. In addition to what has been said, must take note that all things in number, and in a certain measure of the times, places and things should be treated with be examined by. For the time of presides over the disposal of temporal things and it contains them, just as from the lower parts of the higher bodies are contained; where from the thing it is time we thought that the in the first heaven the ancients. For that reason it must be noted a general way, that the effect of ioviales under the open sky and the Saturnalia was under Saturn, Martial under Mars, and by them well-disposed, and in heaven, happily situate are aiming, when without the observance of the none of the other machine, and there are no voices, no worship any thing they can be valid; the same as it shall be done as if for who in the time not by his own corn toss, with different seeds of attention is due to different times, that just as it is in one, so there is in all things. But what then? Is it not certain we see also religion, the worship of art and diverse ..... be certain and at different times to address? For the time of which is manifold diversity. " This has had the planets ever and their own, their years, their ages, Lunations and for days and hours; so that in place and a lot of things to endure the perpetual of the Lord, the revolutions, considered as never for so long a lordships of the lesser, for the less illustrious ladies of the revolutions of days, for the common also to the the persons of the particular standards of the hours are masters of the one must adverted to, which three times in the day of the natural can be contacted. And of these the us is to be considered in the present In as much as the effect, which to a change in the laws, is the principal and of the things from the general causes of things happen, at random, and threaten in vain from us.
Ownership of the hours.

It must be noted, therefore, no matter how much any part of the day of a lengthy, or the brief, just as any part of the night and no matter how much a lengthy and brief, they divided into 12 equal parts, which are called 12 for that hour, and which should be of an hour are called unequal, because, according to the decrease in augumentum and ancestors of the nights of days and they are made, and the smaller, and as it were, of the clocks are not equal hours, which, once a year and scarce can have once been 12. But, omitting all in equal hours, they are not level to be punished with us, which with the individual their contents are 15 degrees of alarm, so that for six signs, which in any given day to run through the in touch with the horizon, the hours of 12 planetales contain, the first of which is taken from the east and the completion of the twelfth of that part of one day, which the planet belongs to him, who gives a name to such a day, to whom succeeds the other the planet according to the order of the spheres; For after this cometh to Venus, Mercury, the Moon, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Jupiter, the Sun to Mars, Venus, etc. to the Sun.
The observance of the are in heaven.

Yea, though sometimes the natural power of the proportion of the composite acts physical, and conveniently, however, the observation of many of the heavenly more and greater works than to render it as, etc. (Agrippa, p. 250) --. In the 28 houses of which the much hidden secrets of wisdom, to do the works of the ancient world under the wonderful things of the moon, each of which his own idols, and attributed the images, and the seals and the presiding * * *; one of whom is with the mode of of the Trojans of Babylon raised, and we have brought them most faithfully practice of my memory to have out of the book by applying from the shadow of ideas.
With regard to virtues and action is
28 in the said Mansion.

The first is elected for a dwelling and strife on the roads, etc. (Pages 256-260, v. Agrippa, the gods, the Capitol, Bruno Che ha il sdoppiato staccando Dallas descrizioni astronomiche of abode della gli thong, outworn with Sulla umane vicende) -


26. In the application of active and passive elements are to be considered the first of the elements of nature and the properties of, by considering, I say, and may be pure as the sum, to obtain a corruptible, more and less, as that is in all things to all they do, that the things which are purified by art, and are reduced to the simplicity of that the things which in the accomplishment of the different kinds of is composed, that the things which may very well be a pure and impure no matter how composed by countless degrees of an innumerable multitude of providing, for certain species are produced in fixed order, through those very ligationes all, the solutions to, the transformation of, predictions, a destruction of the good and the reconciliation of evil men. Their knowledge and keenness of scent about the same [is] the foundation of the magic to keep the whole.
Of the fire; power,
nor not on earth, water and the air.

Fire activissimus penetrates all things of all, etc. (Agrippa, p. 7). 2 kinds of compounds are to be considered in what manner they are being distributed in the four supposed etc. (P. 16) - 3 by considering the ordering that the element of this is used to the heavens, to be referred, as etc. (P. 18). 4 are to be considered the virtues which are from the elements, etc. depend on the next. (P. 19). 5 are to be considered according to their strength that that force, that link to some of the elements hardly can be referred, as to drive out the poison, to attract the iron, the bile of his anger etc. evacuate this.; And the virtues of those women who have the matter with the smallest can be most powerful, and which should be that he declare, it is etc.. (P. 21). Nor is it our purpose to consider whence and how those other virtues that are infused hidden, for indeed, do we prove that the fable of the stars many of the rays of the case of the Ideas and soul of the world about the types of interrupt; is sufficient to know how a variety of species of the same species and the different individuals of different equipments, and the influx of diverse dispositions, they may receive. 6 One must consider, as well as the investigation of the virtues of things and to make experience etc. are wont to be, and they can. 7 One must consider the friendship of the case and of things, etc. (P. 33) - Also a certain one are present in the whole of substance, subject to them to a kind of certain particles, etc., and members of the. (P. 39) 8 is in things we should consider the lower parts, whereby the superior and to explain subject to, diverse things are subject to the difference: for different, as different members of the diverse exercise of bodies, the stars of different ways and signs refer to different things. And the induction of by the learned, is take up the astronomers, who use, which the arts that the particles, who in spirit, who tastes, the stones, which plants, which accord with the planets and the creatures are those whose signs belong. In like manner, concerning the generations and the provinces, kingdoms and nations, was. 9 be considered the seals and characters of natural things; etc. is carried. (P. 59). 10 out of the things of nature, we should consider, to whom, and at all of the heavenly bodies of higher and an influx of all the virtues, and to attract more powerful than he won, etc. (P. 62) - For it is not successes were enough to, in his ability and power to have the power of certain, but it is required, so that they concealed by a certain body and an accident, just as crippled by the bruises in a grain of mustard seed, etc., is excited Sharpen the hidden. 11 be considered and opportunity for profit is, which is in the mingling of natural things, etc. (P. 63). 12 One must consider the sublunaria all things celestial in a certain manner to be above the moon, etc. (P. 66-69) - 13 must refer to the things which are said to bind; to do in the love, the hate, etc. (P. 70) - On the magic arts, we see that many go out and admired the, in like manner of incense or out of the suffumigationibus etc.. (P. 76). 14 We must note, also for the consideration of the general that "some of the incense are referred to the Sun and the Solar, etc. (P. 79) -

27. Another kind of the incense. Moreover, they are referred to Saturn, the roots of all the scents, as costmary of frankincense, and grass, etc.. Of Clothinge and 12 of the signs. We find in 12 the signs of his incense of their own, etc. The ram myrrh. The seven chosen for the incense, and the most powerful of the seven planets. It receives the most powerful etc. Hermes fumigation of it. (P. 80) and the anointing of 15 and with an eye salve philtres (p. 80 sq.) - About the binding and the suspensions of. 16 insulted by the more in the suspensions of the binding and the neck, etc. (P. 83). To the 17 colors, in which it is also of the respect and the power of his own, etc. (P. 85). 18, universally, we must consider at the light and the darkness, etc. (P. 87) -

18. Of the signet ring. 19 certain laws to the rings he does not despise superstition, magic, etc. (P. 84).

29. 20 skill of bewitchment etc. It must be observed. (P. 90).
Albert the general doctrine.

Omitting the very things which they do to the practice of enigmas, are to be gathered of the emperor, which is taken chiefly Alberto and more in this science, approved, of which sort are several; the first of which this science that it is no good, by the authoritie philosophers all knowledge of him who wills to be of the kind of goods, but if it which are on account of her of a just cause to complain, of us, themselves, not by the knowledge set out for, etc. (Cf. Albert., P. 127 sq.) 2 In regard to mode of action, as he himself says, he is good may look down upon the effect of the good, evil But the evil of the planet, that is, the hours of their day is, and (p. 136). 3 On the seven herbs, the choicest of those who have the influence of the seven planets, etc. The first of these is of Saturn, who is said to Asphodelus (p. 136). 4 Of the virtues of the stones. The first of these is the magnet, etc. (P. 141) - Of the 5 animals by the virtue, of which the certain he adduces as it were, etc due to the increase. (P. 164) 6 of the times of the stars and the planets and the demesne, as mentioned above. 7 The Effects of wherever the envoys of the planets belonging. For he says life to be under the Saturn, etc. (P. 167). 8 That those things which are seen in the characters, enchantments, magic arts, and also with words of a very great example, vile things it seems impossible for things which do not have a cause of a sufficient, do not therefore despised (p. 170). 9 That which, in the minds of men is the power of affecting thing etc. (P. 171) - Among these is the perfectly evident that, that not all who are skilled in the theory of this art, and are possessed of reason, to have the use of conveniently they can, such as to be present with the ignorant and the fools is wont to, who with his power, and of the effectiveness of either that no less is the reason. 10 What are the hours, etc to be observed. (P. 13 sq.) 11 is that the craftsmen of the characters from the mind of having the efficacy of the desire of desires in which the hail had etc.. (P. 174). 12 That it should be noted concerning the things, that by the notion and form of them all should bow to subject to themselves and etc.. (P. 176). 13 What is said of the impact and the inclination alike in all ways to its like, etc. (P. 178). 14 that every thing is full of mirabilitate etc.. (P. 180). 15 That it is not a pure should be believed the whole of the astronomer to the sky, he told mirabilitatem etc.. (P. 181). 16 was marvelously according to their various modes of can be to go out from the reality, and by the heavenly virtues, etc. (P. 183). 17 That it must be noted is of things for whose they are, and disposal of units of the quality and of a property, etc. (P. 184).

These are services which contain more the nature of the whole, in which man that is wise, and to the prudent is the only suffice for them, it was decided, nor had brought the rest of these examples, and the particular, in which some are occupied, since she does not have a reason nothing of these things they can serve and that in vain are attempted. Further, this the one who understands itself and in their consideration of profundanti, not only these things, and the same, but, and the like, and in greater and more accessible to are the greatest. If any one should think of us, therefore, does not have brought the art of a complete, and all of others which is of the pursuits that lead to the complement of the knowledge, the only superfluous as passing over the others, not aggregasse, know that it is his own lacking of judgment, and the weakness of the mind, because for the receiving of these and other less from heaven he became, is a suitable. If those who seem to inscripsisse the books of our ancestors, that was because the the strange to the thing they carry out very much less than she hath mingled, perhaps to the art of ACCESSIBLY less than we do what we have done have been able to.


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